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   Low cost, Secure tool, equipment and construction materials storage that is easy to transport from one jobsite to the next. Wether it is for one week or one year Containers On Demand, LLC has the storage container that will fit your project needs.

   Our containers are solid for secure temporary or long-term storage of files, over-stocked inventory, supplies and more. Containers On Demand's high quality containers are ideal for low cost added secure storage.

   The high quality containers from Containers On Demand, LLC are ideal when you need additional storage space around the house. Our storage containers are great to keep your tools, equipment and recreational vehicles out of the weather and safely secured from theft or children at a fraction of the cost of building a shed. Our storage containers can also be moved if you later decide to rearange the yard.

Earth Ships:
   Advancments in the worlds undestanding of the need to recycle and go green has lead to the reuse of materials to produce efficient and cost effective home. Shipping containers have found thier place in this setting. The containers intial design makes them ideal to stack and lock together. This initial design makes the ideal to stack in an array of configurations to produce unique designs to fit anybodys style. The walls of the container can easly be cut for doors and windows. and the curigatid metal makes it easy to apply a finish to the walls. The simplicity in installing the containers and the cost savings make this an ideal alternitive cunstruction material.


  • Keeps Items Clean, Dry and Damage-Free
  • Eliminates Theft and Vandalism
  • Ground-Level Storage When and Where You Need It
  • Low-Cost Alternative to Adding Warehouse Space


  • Weather-Resistant and Rodent-Proof
  • High-Security Locking System
  • Heavy-Duty All-Steel Construction
  • Forklift Pockets
  • Vented
  • Plywood Flooring

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