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   Containers On Demand is a company that specializes in storage containers and their many uses. Containers On Demand is built on the foundation of happy customers. We take the time to get you the storage container you need. Customer service is an essential part of our routine because we believe a happy customer is worth every effort.

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"I had a good experience until afterwards when the container was leaking in multiple spots. I tried to work something out with the owner, Nature Jefferies, but she then ghosted me. I sent her pictures of the leaking and holes and she said I could send her a copy of the invoice/receipt for the repair work. I ended up doing the repairs myself with a friend, which involved jacking up the roof to take out an indentation and then putting a low key wood frame inside under the affected area (to address the indentation) as well as sealing the holes. I sent receipts for the supplies and she seemed to not like that we actually did the job ourselves - actually saving $ on the repair cost than if I had contracted out. If the company is going to guarantee water tight containers then they need to honor that."
- Benjamin Stafford

"Great Job! Absolutely fantastic Customer Service! Ms. Kim knows how to make a deal that meets YOUR needs! Container was Excellent! Scheduling, and Delivery, (Thanks Mike!) was Top Notch! 5 Stars. Rick Taylor, AZ"
- Richard Kimpell

"Reasonably priced & excellent customer service. Highly recommend this company, for purchases and deliveries on conex storage containers."
- Karina Bertinoia

"Kimmie was great. I got to look at the containers first and pick out what I wanted. I ended up buying a 20' from inventory, and ordering a 40' one trip. The delivery drivers were the best, and no payment till I was satisfied. I am."
- nlvmike

"Promised delivery did not happen because they apparently slipped a more lucrative job in ahead of mine. I had to cancel hired help and wasted two days of work in the process. I will never buy another conex there!"
- Loren Woods

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